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CARING, THOUGHTFUL, ecologically aware partners and friends. Unlimited introductions. Low fees. Free brochure. Claire Bush, Calico, California Road, Mistley, Essex, COl 1 1JE. Telephone: 01206 39 31 60

EDEN DREAM. Provides facilities and help for the arts, crafts, music and advancement in study of complimentary medicine and psychic development. Membership costs £8 per year. For more information, contact Angela Timms, 240 Hale End Road, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 9LZ, UK. Tel: 07880 734377.


ATMOSPHERIC GLOBAL MONITORING; Hear Earth's Natural Phenomena, More Concise Information: Send Self Addressed Envelope; PO Box 694, St. Helier, JE4 9PZ, Jersey, Channel Islands


FOURTH WORLD REVIEW (a bi-monthly now its fifteenth year), for thinking radicals: probing the nitty-gritty of economic, political and social aspects of the global crisis n terms of genuine democratic control. Cover price £2. Annual subscriptions based on self-assessment, i.e. you decide. Fourth World Review, 48 Wicklow Street, London WC1X9HR.


AFFORDABLE SOLAR WATER HEATING. Delivers hot water, even on dull days. Installs easily, low maintenance, award-winning technology. Visit our website or telephone +44 (0) 1244 403 404

OTAMATEA ECO-VILLAGE, NEW ZEALAND. Partners with vision sought for established permaculture project on beautiful 251 acre peninsula. 5 acres freehold title + joint stewardship 176 acres $90,000NZ. For information, contact: +64 9 431 2921 (tel/fax) or e-mail


29 September - 7 October, 1999: Exploring Deep Ecology. An EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS by Jonathan Metcalfe. The Heifer Gallery, 3 Calabria Rd., Highbury, London N5 1JB. For more details, telephone 0171 226 7380.

13 October 1999: PROTEST MARCH against construction of multiplex cinema complex in a Grade 2 Listed Historic Park and Conservation Area. Would destroy 200 trees and 12 acres of open space in south-east London. Starting 11 am at Crystal Palace Parade. Further details on our website

27-29 October 1999: TechNet Europe - The 20th AFCEA Europe Symposium and Exposition, Renaissance Hotel, London Heathrow. AFCEA is a high technological weapons fair previously thrown out of Belgium and the Netherlands. Belgian parliament deemed AFCEA "politically and ethically undesirable in the EU". For details of demonstration and action against this 'exhibition' contact Campaigns Against Arms Trade, 11 Goodwin Street, Finsbury Park, London N4 3HQ. Tel: 0171 281 0297; Fax: 0171 281 4369; e-mail ; website


Classified Advertising Rates 40p per word, minimum 20 words, plus VAT.

Send to: The Ecologist (Classifieds),

18 Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road,

London SW10 0QJ. Tel: 0171 351 3578; 0171 351 3617.

7-10 November, 1999: The Next Millennium in Politics, IAPC World Conference, Milan Marriott Hotel, Milano, ITALY. For more information, visit our website WWW.IAPC99.COM; or

27 November - 2 December 1999: YOU MUST COME TO SEATTLE! Mobilisation Against Corporate Globalisation. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) will be in Seattle on the eve of its 5th anniversary. This historic Summit will determine the WTO's agenda for negotiations for the coming decade. President Clinton supports initiating a new round of "free trade" negotiations. Citizen activists need to gear up NOW to make sure that in November there will be "No New Round". Visit our webite on > for continuous updates on the various events, concerts, accommodation etc. Public Citizen, 215 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington D.C.20003, USA.

23-25 January, 2000: 1 st INTERNATIONAL SYMNPOSIUM AND WORKSHOP ON ARID ZONE ENVIRONMENTS. Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The symposium and workshop will be conducted in English. For more information, contact: Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency, PO Box 45553, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Fax: +971 2 414131; e-mail


10-29 October 1999: GLOBAL POWER, LOCAL PROMISE: Vandana Shiva, Wolfgang Sachs and Mathis Wackernagel. Schumacher College is an international centre for ecological


STAKEHOLDER DIALOGUE Six Day Sandwich Foundation Courses

i n Facilitation and Mediation for the

Environment Part One: 13-15 October 1999; Part Two: 26-28 January 2000 This course covers everything from the underlying philosophy of consensus-building to hands-on skills. You will learn how to design, initiate and manage dialogue processes. The course is designed for those who want practice as facilitators and mediators; those whose professional roles involve them in designing and running multi-party, multi-issue processes; or those whose organisations are participating in dialogue processes.

For details of this and other courses, please contact Matthew Stubbings, Training Administrator, The Environment

Council, 212 High Holdorn, London WC1V 7VW. Tel: 0171 836 2626; Fax:

0171 242 1180; website

studies which welcomes course participants from all over the world, from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. For details of the college and its courses, contact: The Administrator, Schumacher College, The Old Postern, Dartington, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 6EA, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1803 865934; Fax: +44 (0) 1803 866899; e-mail:

WORLDWATC H PAPER S No. 129 Anne Piatt INFECTING OURSELVES; How Environmental and Social Disruptions Trigger Disease. 79pp.

No. 133 David Malin Roodman PAYING THE PIPER; Subsidies, Politics and the Environment. 80pp.

No. 134 David Malin Roodman GETTING THE SIGNALS RIGHT; Tax Reform to Protect the Environment and the Economy. 66pp.

No. 136 Lester R Brown THE AGRICULTURAL LINK ; How Environmental Deterioration Could Disrupt Economic Progress. 73pp.

No. 137 Michael Rentier SMALL ARMS, BIG IMPACT; The Next Challenge of Disarmament. 77pp.

No. 138 Christopher Flavin and Seth Dunn RISING SUN, GATHERING WINDS; Policies to Stabilize the Climate and Strengthen Economies. 84pp.

No.141 John Tuxill LOSING STRANDS I N THE WEB OF LIFE; Vertebrate Declines and the Conservation of Biological Diversity. 88pp.

No. 142 Anne Piatt McGinn ROCKING THE BOAT; Conserving Fisheries and Protecting Jobs. 92pp.

No. 143 Lester R. Brown, Gary Gardner, Brian Halweil BEYOND MALTHUS: Sixteen Dimensions of the Population Problem. 89pp.

No. 144 Gary Gardner, Payal Sampat MIND OVER MATTER; Recasting the Role of Materials i n Our Lives. 60pp.

No. 146 Michael Rentier ENDING VIOLENT CONFLICT. 71pp.


These papers are available for

£3 each or £20 for 10. Send orders (cheques payable to "The Ecologist") and Worldwatch subscription

enquiries to: The Ecologist, 18 Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road, London SW10 OQJ.

Tel: +44 (0)171 351 3578; Fax: +44 (0)171 351 3617.