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A Major International Conference


<\ 1

the Errw<^ Challenges and Conflicts for the New Millennium

Conference Date: 14-16 April 1999 Conference Venue: Warwick University, Coventry, UK.

The Conference will include: • Keynote papers reviewing EC issues and policies to minimise the

impact of agriculture on the environment

• Papers from key policy makers, commercial and government research

scientists, official bodies and field workers

• Special interest sessions on key topics, encompassing new technology

and traditional practices and how these contribute in to policies, addressing agri-environmental conflicts.

• Opportunities to visit research stations and areas of the United Kingdom

where agricultural and environmental interests are working together to find the right balance.

For rurther information, the programme & booking form please contact Sandra Smith, ADAS Headquarters, Oxford Spires Business Park, Kidlington, Oxford, 0X5 1NZ, UK. Tel+44(0) 1865 845038 Fax +44(0) 1865 845030 J* Visit the ADAS web site for conference details: A M^MJ\. ^ ®

A tour-de-force

reconceiving the interrelationship between science, industry, culture,

and politics by

one of our boldest and most

promising thinkers. The Way An Ecological World-View

Edward Goldsmith Revised and enlarged edition

$ 16.95 paperback ISBN 0-8203-2030-7




Athens, Georgia, USA

THE WA Y An Ecological WorldA/iew

. ^JMMMk0


"A unique, extraordinary, and profoundly challenging book."

—John Gray, The Times

Literary Supplement

"Every page sizzles with fervor and intellect."

—Fred Pearce, Wildlife

"One of those books, like Darwin's Origin of Species or Karl Marx's Das Kapital, that is going to change the world we live in."

—Gilles MacBain, Common Ground



Persona l Ethics , Persona l Management . W e believ e i n talkin g t o yo u abou t you r belief s an d the n doing something about it. For further information on our bespoke investment management services talk to Matthew Harragin or Elizabeth Haigh on 0117 929 1919 or contact them at the address below.




it Managers


Rathbone Neilson Cobbold Ltd. The Stock Exchange St. Nicholas Street Bristol BS1 1TG

Regulated by SFA. Member of the London Stock Exchange. A member of the Rathbone Group

We>loome> to f

joined-vf> fhiiifdn*

What we think, what we know and what we believe all help shape our world. At CHE, we passionately believe there are better, more intelligent ways of doing things, paying more attention to the connections between our actions and their impacts than we do now. We believe there are ways of thinking and acting that enhance quality of life for people and the whole living system we inhabit. Our mission is to maintain a community of learning where each of us is enabled to develop professional skills and leadership to help make

this vision reality. New for 1999, core courses cover ecological, scientific

and qualitative thinking; relations with the land, with ourselves and our community; and examine the concept of sustainable development. Courses

are flexible, designed to be accessible to those with other commitments, combining residential and distance learning over one year full-time or longer part-time. Applications are now being accepted. Details from CHE.

Master of Science degree/Diploma/Certificate in Human Ecology

(Offered subject to Institutional Accreditation and Course Validation) Options in: • Conservation of Biodiversity • New Economics

Ecopsychology Social Auditing

1 Art and Nature

Fxobusiness Ecological Building PO Box 1972, Edinburgh EH1 1YG, Scotland

credit for prior learning credit transfer ;rer ^

Tel: 0131-624 1974 Fax: 0131-624 1973

Email: Web: Scotland's ^roon think, tank

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©The Ecologist 1999

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Printed by The Friary Press, Dorchester, Dorset.

Healing for person, community and planet

CADUCEU S JOURNA L congratulates The Ecologist for its Monsanto issue, for its rigorous journalism, integrity, and determined campaigning on

behalf of the environment and all the planet's communities

Caduceus Winter 1999 issue, features Ecologist editor Edward Goldsmith - Gaia and Global Corporations also Moyra Bremner - Genetic Engineering Update - 3 and: Celtic Spirituality, The Green Man, How Safe is Acupuncture? Healing via Television, Living Natural Medicine

Send £3 (+ 75p for P&P) to: Caduceus, 38 Russell Terrace, Leamington Spa CV31 1HE. Tel: 01926 451897/Fax: 885565/

The Ecologist, Vol. 29, No 2, March/April 1999




Peter Bunyard

E DITORIA L Edward Goldsmith


Sally Snow Kate Halliday Rita Kassai

R ESEARC H Stephanie Roth


Steven Gorelick Helena Norberg-Hodge

John Page

D ESIGN & L AYOU T 3 Counties Design Ltd

(01305) 259280


Patricia Adams Probe International

(Canada) Peter Bunyard Co-founder The Ecologist

Marcus Colchester World Rainforest Movement

(UK) Samuel S. Epstein University of Illinois

(USA) Simon Fairlie

(UK) Ross Hume Hall (McMaster University, Canada, now Vermont, USA)

Sandy Irvine

(UK) Martin Khor Kok Peng Director, Third World Network

(Malaysia) Smitu Kothari Lokayan Social Action Group

(India) Sigmund Kvaloy Ecopolitical Ring of Co-operation

(Norway) Jerry Mander International Forum on


(USA) Patrick McCully International Rivers Network

(USA) John Milton

(USA) Robert Prescott-Allen Padata

(Canada) John Papworth Fourth World Review (UK)

Simon Retallack

(UK) John Seed Rainforest Information Centre

(Australia) Vandana Shiva Research Centre for Science

and Ecology (India)

Robert Waller Commonwealth Human

Ecology Centre

(UK) Richard Willson The Times (UK) Tracy Worcester

ISEC(UK) Donald Worster University of Kansas (USA)