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The Ecologist Contents Vol 27 No 6 November/December 1997

Editorials The Cassini Gamble: Steven Gorelick Scientists Go For Broke 214

Food Slander Laws in the US: The Criminalization of Dissent 216 Ben Lilliston and Ronnie Cummins

Feature Articles Counter-Development in the Andes 221 Frederique Apffel-Marglin A highly successful indigenous organization, set up initially to research, writ e about and re-imbue Andean people wit h the traditional Andean world-view and the associated, highly ritualized agri cultural practices, has set i n motion the vital process of'decolonization' or 'counter-development' i n the Andes.

Village vs State 225 Gavan McCormack Facing destruction following plans to submerge their village beneath the waters o f a dam, the vil lagers o f Kit o organized themselves i n resistance to the famous might o f Japan's state bureaucracy and successfully reclaimed control over their local economy and environment. Their unprecedented victory has paved the way for further economic and political decentralization i n Japan.

Kyoto: Our Last Chance 229 Simon Retallack Climate change, withou t doubt, dwarfs all other problems facing the worl d today. I f greenhouse-gas emissions are allowed to rise unchecked, unprecedented havoc wil l be wreaked upon our lives and the natural world . This December's Kyoto meeting o f government ministers from around the worl d could be our last opportunity to prevent catastrophe.

Clear-Cut Madness in Russian Karelia 237 Eeva Berglund Abundance o f raw materials, easy access for Finnish and Swedish paper and pulp companies, and corrupt local officials have rendered Karelia's unique expanse o f magnificent old-growth boreal forest, "unlike any to be found further west", an easy and attractive target for quick profit and ecological devastation.

Can the Environment Survive the Global Economy? 242 Edward Goldsmith The globalization o f economic development can only massively increase the impact o f our economic activities on an environment that is already under intolerable strain. Furthermore, our current commitment to global free trade is leading to the removal o f all constraints on the activities o f transnational corporations, thereby subordinating environmental imperatives to their short-term interests.

Reviews Europe, Inc. by Corporate Europe Observatory — Colin Hines Global Spin by Sharon Beder — David Edwards Britain on the Couch by Oliver James - Adrian Henriques Intentional Oil Pollution at Sea by Ronald B Mitchell - Jennifer Clapp Plants for a Future by Ken Fern — Luke Hutchison


Letter Forum


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The Ecologist, Vol . 27, No . 6, November/December 1997


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