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WORLD environments

What magazine will help you and your city to...

Ecology A Pocket Guide Ernest Callenbach With this lively guide to the essentials of ecology, Ernest Callenbach, author of the classic Ecotopia, provides a pocket-sized introduction to the wonderful complexity of life on Earth—and our part in it. "A graceful, lucid, and judicious book that belongs in the back pocket of every planetary citizen."

—Evan Eisenberg, author of The Ecology of Eden $9.95 paper/£7.95, illustrated

Imposing Wilderness Struggles over Livelihood and Nature Preservation i n Africa Roderick P. Neumann Arusha National Park i n northern Tanzania, known for its scenic beauty, is also a battleground. Neumanns illuminating analysis shows how this park embodies all the politicalecological dilemmas facing protected areas throughout Africa. California Studies in Critical Human Geography, $35.00 cloth/£27.50, illustrated

A Little Corner of Freedom Russian Nature Protection from Stalin to Gorbachev Douglas R. Weiner "The finest, most provocative, most scholarly, and most important study on Russia I have read in a long time. . . . A major addition to the burgeoning field of environmental studies worldwide." —Loren Graham, author of

Science and the Soviet Social Order

$45.00/135.00 cloth, illustrated

Bonobo The Forgotten Ape Frans de Waal Photographs Frans Lanting New in paperback—"Finally .. . a synthesis of what is known about bonobo behaviour i n captivity and i n nature. . . . The text is crisp and clean, enlivened by de Waal's gently ironic humour."—Nature $24.95/116.95paper, color & b/w illustrations

At bookstores or order 1-800-822-6657 (U.S.), 1213-842165 (U.K.)


Kick The Car Habit? CAR f>i*4Uw Magazine and Resource Centre 44 rue Burdeau, 69001 Lyon, France Join us today with a year-long subscription, available at £8.50, $17.50 or 82 francs (Ft.).



Global Challenge Global Opportunity

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(MSc or PgDip) • Sustainable Rural Development

(MSc or PgDip) • Sustainable Agricultural

Systems (MSc or PgDip) Careers in sustainable development

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V olum e 2 8 No 6 N ovember /D ecembe r 199 8


Small is Beautiful: BIG is Subsidized A free 60-page supplement to this issue of The Ecologist, prepared by The International Society

for Ecology and Culture (ISEC). This report provides an overview of the ways in which governments, bound by a shared faith in ever-increasing global trade, give larger businesses an unfair advantage over their smaller competitors. This is achieved in a number of ways, both directly and indirectly. The result, as ISEC illustrates, is continued and accelerated social and environmental breakdown.

Editorials 328 Burning Forests: Arson by Developers

Homero Aridjis 329 Technological Fundamentalism

David W. Orr 332 Beside the Seaside

Chris Busby 335 Canada's Great Bear Raincoast at Risk

Chris Genovali

Features 338 The Millennial Moment of Truth

David Edwards interviews Kalle Lasn Kalle Lasn is the founder and director of Adbusters, a radical American journal which specializes in "subvertisements" — short, sharp still and video "mind bombs" designed to twist advertising cliches around, judo-like, to shock consumers into critical thought. Here he describes the difficulties he has faced in his attempts at sabotaging the all-consuming corporate messages which so invade our lives. Despite the undeniable quality, even brilliance, of his images, the three big US TV stations have routinely refused to air any one of the spots his organization has thrown at them.

343 Stranger at Home

Thomas H. Pruiksma This essay takes the form of a meditation on Arthur Miller's play Death of a Salesman. The author, himself an American, draws parallels between Miller's all-American family, driven to ruin in its pursuit of the American Dream, and the lives of today's Americans, living in an age of social and ecological crisis.

349 Stronger than Steel:

An Indian People's Movement against Indiscriminate Economic Development Vandana Shiva and Afsar H. Jafri Stronger than Steel is both a metaphor and a real story. It symbolizes the strength of sustainable, diversity-based economics as compared with an economic model which is increasingly dominating all regions of the Earth. It is a story of indiscriminate economic development at any cost versus the will of a people who will not be 'developed'.

354 Globalization and the Acceleration

of Forest Destruction Since Rio Victor Menotti

It might be assumed that since the 1992 Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro the pace of environmental destruction has slowed down. Unfortunately, no concrete programmes emerged from that meeting and even i f they had, they would almost certainly have been reversed with the growth of the global economy and the GATT and other subsequent free-trade agreements. Victor Menotti shows to what extent this has been the case with the world's remaining tropical forests.

363 Reviews

The Tainted Source by John Laughland reviewed by John Papworth. Art. For Whom and For What? by Brian Keeble reviewed by Denys Trussel. Betrayal of Trust by Vernon Coleman reviewed by Tuula E. Tuormaa. Theology and Biotechnology: Implications for a New Science by Celia Deane-Drummond reviewed by Robert Vint.

In Brief Between pages 348 and 349.

The Ecologist, Vol. 28, No 6, November/December 1998


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