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The mystery of Life

Our lives are part of a vast evolutionary plan which has been known since the dawn of civilization,

but only to a few.

Now its details are revealed in modern Theosophy,

a rich resource for inquiring minds. For further information please write to:-

Th e Blavatsk y Trus t Dept. TE 2/B . c/ o The Theosophical Society,

5 0 Gloucester Place, London W1H 4EA.


Monsant o PL C v s geneti X snowbal l In April , the British High Court granted genetiX snowball campaigners - who took direct action to uproot Monsanto's genetically modified plants - a ful l court trial. I f i t takes place, this trial wil l force Monsanto to defend the legality o f its G M crop plantings in the public arena. But Monsanto have now secured a hearing in the Court o f Appeal, claiming there is no defence which could warrant a trial. I f their appeal succeeds, then the defendants' right to a full and fair trial — where experts and witnesses could be called to court to expose the damage done by G M crops - wil l be denied. The Appeal Hearing is scheduled for November 8th/9th 1999* in the High Court, The Strand, London, at 9.30 am. PLEASE COME AN D DEMONSTRATE YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE DEFENDANTS. It's time to put genetics on trial. For more details, please contact: genetiX snowball, One World Centre, 6 Mount Street, Manchester. M2 5NS. Tel: 0161 834 0295. Email: genetixsno wball @ Web :http ://w ape .org/pmhp/gs *Date to be confirmed; please call 0161 834 0295 on Friday November 5th for confirmation

ORDE R th e Ne w Bi-Monthl y Magazin e

Keepin g you r lif e & environmen t fre e o f geneticall y modifie d foo d 24 pages of international news on GM food: the risks, the cover-ups, the truth • Risks to health & environment • Regulatory shambles • Bad science & big business • Campaign news • Government/industry cover-ups • Research latest • How to avoid GM foods • Consumer information • GM & developing countries • The organic alternative £ J Please send me trial copy of GM-Free @ £2.90 incl.

P&P (UK only) I would like to subscribe for 6 issues (one year) @ £12.50 incl. P&P (UK only) starting (please state month; issue no. 1 is April 1999) O Please let me know wholesale rates Name Address

Send cheque to: KHI Publications • Beacon House

Skelmersdale • Lanes WN8 6UR • UK Tel/Fax 01695 50504 • email

NEW ZEALAN D Biodiversity Ecology Study Tours

Small group studies of endemic wildlife and plants in areas of ecological significance. Qualified naturalist guides specialising in Ornithology, Botany, Entomology. Discover how geological and human events have influenced the dynamics of wetland, forest and alpine communities.

enquiries © Forento New Zealand Ltd, Box 1964, Rotorua, New Zealand

Iain Frearson BA BArch RIBA Architect for a Sustainable World

Green Architecture Environment-Friendly Materials

Low-Energy Design Self-Build Projects Historic Conservation and Repair

Low-Impact Development

68 Cavendish Road, Cambridge, CB1 3AF Tel/Fax (01223)473997


Personal Ethics, is PART OF Personal Management. C)T~JR. At Rathbone Neilson Cobbold we believe WORLD in talking to you about

your beliefs and then doing something

about it.

For further information on our bespoke investment management services talk to Matthew Harragin

or Elizabeth Haigh on 0117 929 1919 or contact them at

the address below.

Name Address


Investment Managers


Rathbone Neilson Cobbold Ltd. The Stock Exchange St. Nicholas Street Bristol BS1 1TG

Regulated by SFA. Member of the London Stock Exchange. A member of the Rathbone Group The Ecologist

VOLUM E 2 9 No 6 OCTOBE R 199 9


Editorials 337 The Force Is With Us

Paul Kingsnorth 339 One Bird - Ten Thousand Treasures

Mae-Wan Ho 340 The Ecology of Art

John Papworth 342 Cocaine Colonialism

Third World Network 344 Gulliver in Automobilia

Nicholas Gould 346 News and Campaigns

Lucinda Labes French Farmers vs. Globalisation; Bank Warns Off GMOs; Scotland's 'Galapagos' Under Threat; The Last Jar of Caviar?; Turkish Earthquake Hopes; Thai Deforestation; WTO vs Forests 352 Letters

Features Cover Story: 356 The Enforcer: Dr Jack and the

Company He Keeps Mark Hroilingsworth Jack Cunningham, Tony Blair's 'cabinet enforcer', is a man with close links to the nuclear and biotechnology industries, a significant influence on government science policy and a dismissive attitude to the Green movement. Here, The Ecologist lays bare his connections, attitudes and environmental record.

365 The WTO and Public Health

Agnes Bertrand and Laurence Kalafatides At the WTO Millennium Round in November, the 'reform' of national healthcare systems will be on the agenda. What does this mean for the future of health policy?

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Dioxin Scandal After the Belgian dioxin crisis, where next for the chemical industry and for regulatory bodies?

369 4No-one Ever Died From Dioxin'

Ralph Ryder Dioxins have been causing major health problems in the UK for decades

K 1 t r ti 1P mm %m W m

375 Dioxins in France

Pierre-Emmanuel Neurohr The French government is valiantly ignoring the evidence of the dangers of dioxins 377 Reviews

Gods Last Offer by Ed Ayres, reviewed by Gard Binney The Symbiotic Planet by Lynn Margulis, reviewed by Peter Bunyard Imposing Economic Sanctions by Geoff Simons, reviewed by David Edwards Going Local by Michael H. Schuman, reviewed by Richard Douthwaite The Mountain by Steve Earle, reviewed by Sandy Irvine

The Ecologist, Vol. 29, No 6, October 1999