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we have in front of us one struggle, and one fight. The same corporate forces behind industrial resource extraction are the same that make life miserable for humans in cities and animals in laboratories. An objective observer cannot dispute that the global market has brought the globe to the brink of economic collapse, and the export-orientated 'free trade' model has also been devastating for people and the environment alike.

When it comes to defending the Earth from the corporate universe, the pie's the limit!


I f he were alive today, Sun Tzu might have written in his treatise The Art of War that the twofold way of the modern warrior is no longer that of the sword and pen, but rather the pie and keyboard. We've found few things as effective to subvert an event (shareholders' meetings, legislative hearings, press conferences, keynote speeches, etc.) as a well-placed pie and a captivating press release.

On behalf of the corporations that own them, mainstream media outlets present a spectacle that bamboozles and distracts its viewers. To state the obvious, it is extremely difficult to get a dissenting message through the mass media filters and into the hearts and minds of the public. I f we hold a rally in demonstration-jaded San Francisco, the media usually won't cover it. I f we write letters to the editor, they don't get printed. However, the visual of a pie in the face makes a sizeable chink in the media armour through which we can then discuss the reasons why a figure deserved to be pied. It allows us to communicate our message to a greater extent than traditional means currently allow.


One aspect of our campaign that distinguishes us from other Irregulars is that our weapons hurt nothing except the image and ego of our targets. We feel that at this point in time, given the hysteria over 'domestic terrorism', this is the way to go. Although we don't claim to be 'non-violent' in the pro-active Gandhian sense, we do claim to be not violent. I f the people pie, the leaders will swallow, as the recent entartements demonstrate. Federal, provincial, state and local officials have all been creamed, with one county supervisor calling it an organised "attack on government". We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

And as Dr. Martin Luther King once proclaimed, "I f a man [sic] hasn't found something he will pie for, he isn't fit to live."

An advantage to our form of dissent is that over here, across the big pond in Yankland, pie-throwing enjoys an illustrious history... it's as American as apple pie, one could say. And satire has always been one of the last weapons of the dispossessed in England as well. Judging from Tesco pic's recent field tests to determine which of their pies are best to serve in an unconventional fashion, there is clearly widespread public support for this brand of pielitical pressure. Tesco spokeswoman Melodie Schuster concludes that custard beats lemon meringue and fruit largely because "the custard tart gives total face coverage", but she advises customers against using frozen ones.


The technocrats who dominate industrial society may call us radical and unrealistic, but the dream of a biodiverse future is one we will fight for until the day we pie.

And as the Digger Gerrard Winstanley might have written to conclude this treatise:

"Here I end, having put my Arm as far as my strength will go to advance Righteousness: I have Writ, I have Acted, I have Pied, I have Peace: and now I must wait to see the Spirit do its own work in the hearts of others, and whether Amerika

shall be the first Land, or some others, wherein Truth shall sit down in triumph."

From somewhere in the mountains of Northwestern California, I remain faithfully yours,

Special Agent Apple

The best way to contact us is via email at I f you can contribute to our legal/media/jail/baking expenses, please send cheque/money orders to our treasurer Jeff Larson at: Friends of the BBB: 3288 21st. #92, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

Whispered Media recently announced the release of their latest activist video production, 'The Pie's the Limit.' This 28-minute video features a cornucopia of political piethrowings in San Francisco and beyond, including a brief history of consumable comedy and behind the scenes interviews with real underground pie tossers... Plus, corporate media analysis and in-your-face politics.

TO ORDER a copy of 'The Pie's the Limit/ please send US $18 ($15 donation + $3 for shipping and handling) by cheque or money order payable to:

Whispered Media PO Box 40130 San Francisco, CA 94140, USA +1 (415) 789-8484 whisper @

The mystery of Life

Our lives are part of a vast evolutionary plan which has been known since the dawn of civilization,

but only to a few.

Now its details are revealed in modern Theosophy,

a rich resource for inquiring minds. For further information please write to:-

Th e Blavatsk y Trus t Dept. TE 2/B. c/o The Theosophical Society,

50 Gloucester Place, London W1H 4EA.

The Ecologist, Vol. 29, No 5, August/September 1999