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Magazin e Reading between the li(n)es

Conspiracies • Health • Behind the News Hidden History • UFOs • Human Rights Future Science • The Unexplained

Sample copy: £3 UK, £3.50 Europe, £4 RoW 1 year subscription: £15 UK, £18 Europe, £21 RoW

55 Queens Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BG, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1342 322854 - Fax: +44 (0)1342 324574 Also available from major newsagents, email: website:


Personal Ethics, Personal Management. At Rathbone Neilson Cobbold we believe in talking to you about

your beliefs and 1 then doing something

about it.



For further information on our bespoke investment management services talk to Matthew Harragin

or Elizabeth Haigh on 0117 929 1919 or contact them at

the address below.

Name Address




Rathbone Neilson Cobbold Ltd. The Stock Exchange St. Nicholas Street Bristol BS1 1TG

Regulated by SFA, Member of the London Stock Exchange. A member of the Rathbone Group




available for • MSc Sustainable Agricultural Systems • MSc Natural Resource Management • MSc Sustainable Rural Development • MSc/MB A Advanced Farm Management

For further details, please contact:

Admissions Tel: 01285 652531 Fax: 01285 650219


Green <& Away


1999 Institute for Earth COUCCmOn imcrnanoncu Conference Jufyso-Acgj The Soil Association 4 The Improvement A Development Agency for Local Government "6fabdThir^-L^ 5ti\jngrn«rwg The toca rood Sector* Conference Aug 12 - is Federation of City Farms A Community Gardens Annual Gathering Aug4 -7 Resurgence fAogozint Readers Weekend * A New Vision for the MiNenruum* Augi9-&

* Suitable if you come done or

with friends or fortify. * Accessible by pubfac transport.

* Affordable fees to COMET all

meals. * Music A dance, rvkjdbath A

saunas at outdoor events. Far man information, don4! hesitate,

procrastinate, or vacillate; cSther dowde, or diHy dotty* just send on

SAE stating uftdiemityouone


Peter Long, Green 6 A*vay, PO Box 40,

M4vemWK14 IYS England. Or see our Web Page on http:// www.ojreenandaHAoy.freescrve

fireen & Away runs indoor and outdoor conferences and events for citjcf tsoJ&jtb working far social and

environmental chance. O r 1999 pragnamme also includes a bask camp for World Voices from September 13 -15; the Irrterrchond

Design Eco Awards Exhfcition A Ceremony on September 29; and "Mdong. Connections* a Netwcrtong Conference for the &wnci mental

Mcvei nent in cany December. The Ecologist

VOLUM E 2 9 N o 4 JUL Y 199 9


Editorials 241 The Ecologist Goes Monthly 241 Is The Biotech Dream Crumbling?

Paul Kingsnorth 242 The Rise of 'New Democracy'

John Pilger 244 A Place In The Country

Simon Fairlie 247 Cracking Down On Corporate Crime

Russell Mokhiber 249 Seeds Of Conflict

Andrew Kimbrell 250 The Next GM Threat: Frankenstein Forests

Hugh Warwick 252 Gulliver in Automobilia

Wharwould Jonathan Swift's famous creation make of the modern world? Nicholas Gould's classic parody returns in the first of a regular series. 254 News and campaigns

Lucinda Lobes Cloning Hits The Buffers; New Trade Treaty Threatens Environment; New Attack On Tibetan Culture; Dam To Drown Historic Site; Russia Faces 'New Chernobyl'; Chemicals Cause Aggression; Victory For French Road Protestors... and more. Features 260 The Myths of Vegetarianism

Dr Stephen Byrnes Vegetarianism and veganism are neither natural nor healthy diets. And it is not primarily meat-eating which is responsible for the spread of cancers and heart disease.

264 Kosovo: The Truth According To

Noam Chomsky Radical thinker Noam Chomsky recently gave this interview, in which he laid out his interpretation of what really lies behind NATO's war with Serbia.

265 Irradiating Kosovo

Patrick Cain When the refugees eventually return to Kosovo they will be forced to breathe radioactive uranium dust from NATO's latest military toys.

267 Excrement Happens

Peter Montague For centuries, societies have faced the problem of how to dispose of their human waste. The West took the wrong road over a century ago, and now our soil, our water and our health are paying the price.


The WTO: The New World Constitution Laid Bare Steven Shrybman Some say that the rules of the World Trade Organisation amount to effective world government for the first time in history. They are certainly a disaster for the environment, cultures and democracy. This article explains how the WTO works, why it is such a threat, and how it can be fought. Cover story


A View From The Headwaters Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff In this previously unpublished essay, the late Colombian anthropologist presents a powerful view of the Amazon as seen by its tribal inhabitants, and questions our modern perceptions of landscape and nature.

283 Reviews

The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil, reviewed by Caspar Henderson Various Voices by Harold Pinter, reviewed by David Edwards The Post-Corporate World by David Korten, reviewed by Ward Morehouse A Siamese Tragedy by Walden Bello, Shea Cunningham and L i Kheng Po, reviewed by Anuradha Mittal Organic Cotton by Dorothy Myers and Sue Stolton, reviewed by Erin Gill

286 Letters

The Ecologist, Vol. 29, No 4, July 1999